LuckyFish Best Crypto Games – Unlimited Free Faucet

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There are many Crypto game sites these days, and LuckyFish stands out from the rest. With free unlimited faucets, Free weekly bonuses, Chat rains and daily, weekly and monthly contests with huge payouts. The Games You can choose from a wide selection of games to play like Roulette, Slots, Poker, Dice and more. If you […]

How To Install And Use ReconSpider

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Installation: Lets start by updating our Linux system and installing all the required dependence’s, copy and paste the following lines and paste them into your terminal. With the updating out of the way lets download ReconSpider, using the git command we will clone ReconSpider from github, open up a terminal at the location you would […]

How To Install And Use RedHawk

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Red Hawk is an all in one tool that scans targets for vulnerabilities and any useful information that could help find security weaknesses within the target device. Installation: Now that we have updated our system and installed all the necessary tools we can download Red Hawk using the git command. Open up a terminal at […]

Installing And Using Shodan Eye

Categories: Hacking

Installation: Begin by updating the machine and installing all the required dependency’s Downloading shoden-eye from github using the git command then cd into the newly created folder, To make sure python has all the required modules we can check and install them by checking the requirements.txt file that is included Usage: Lets start shodan-eye, you […]

How To Hijack Chromecasts To Play YouTube Videos

Categories: Hacking

First we will update the system then install all the necessary packages that are required for the crashcast exploit to function correctly Using the git command, clone shoden-eye from github, once that’s finished enter the newly cloned directory You will need to get an API key from your shodan profile, if you don’t have a […]

Install Let’s Encrypt to Create SSL Certificates

Categories: linux

Update and Install the required programs Get an SSL certificate Auto Renewal As certificates expire after 90 days, we need to check if auto renew is working correctly, Certbot will automatically run twice a day and renew any certificate that is within 30 days of expiration. To check the auto renew process is working correctly […]

Hack The Box Invite Code

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So you have decided to test your pen testing skills, hack the box is one of the best places to put your pen testing skills to practice. After browsing the hack the box web site you will find there is no registration page, that’s because you actually have to hack your way in, lets get […]

Shodan CLI Search Engine Guide

Categories: linux

Shodan is a tool that lets us explore the internet for devices rather than content of web sites, Shodan is extremely powerful if used correctly. you can access shodan via the website or through the command line interface using API’s, we will cover using shodan via the cli. Installation And Usage The Shodan command line […]