A Collection Of Shodan Search Query’s

Categories: Hacking

Chromecasts / Smart TVs
“Chromecast:” port:8008

Traffic Light Controllers / Red Light Cameras
mikrotik streetlight

IP cams, most are unprotected
IP Cams

Surveillance cams, user name is admin, no password
NETSurveillance uc-httpd

DICOM Medical X-Ray Machines
DICOM Server Response

Door Lock Access Controllers
“HID VertX” port:4070

Electric Vehicle Chargers
“Server: gSOAP/2.8” “Content-Length: 583”

Remote Desktop
“authentication disabled” “RFB 003.008”

Lantronix Ethernet adapter’s admin interface is open, no password needed
Press Enter Setup Mode port:9999

Pi-hole Open DNS Servers
“dnsmasq-pi-hole” “Recursion: enabled”

Android Root Bridges
“Android Debug Bridge” “Device” port:5555

Apple AirPlay Receivers Apple TVs, HomePods, etc.
“\x08_airplay” port:5353


http.favicon.hash:”1485257654″ “200”

Broken Search Query’s:

Windows RDP

Already Logged-In as root via Telnet
“root@” port:23 -login -password -name -Session

Xerox Copiers/Printers With root access
ssl:”Xerox Generic Root”


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